The Easiest 7-Day Keto Meal Plan Under 1,900 Daily Calories

Let’s be honest: If your idea of planning your keto diet meals means picking the fastest drive-thru lane, you’re going to have a hard time on a keto diet for weight loss. That’s because getting and staying in ketosis requires a bit of calculation and planning upfront to score maximum wins long term. To find success on a keto diet for weight loss, planning is key. This guide will teach you how to create a 7-day keto diet meal plan to fit your needs and macro goals all while staying under 1,900 daily calories of keto meal. To help you create the best keto diet meal plan for the weight loss for your body, we’ve broken down our guide into four easy steps:

  • Set Your Goals
  • Calculate Your Macros
  • Plan Your Meals
  • Start Cooking!
  • Sample 7-Day Keto Menu Plan Under 1,900 Calories

Now that you know what to expect, let’s jump right in.

  1. Set Your Goals

Why do you want to start a keto diet for weight loss, anyway? Do you want to finally lose that stubborn excess body weight with the help of keto diet you’ve been lugging around? Are you looking for better mental clarity and more energy? Are you hoping a keto diet can lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels?

Are you focused solely on shredding fat and building muscle or do you simply want better overall health with a keto diet? Whatever your reasons and intentions, think about the results you’re hoping to achieve on keto. Now write them down and post them somewhere you can see every day.

  1. Calculate Your Macros

Macronutrient ratios are everything on a keto diet for weight loss. Start by using our keto diet macro calculator here to help you determine what and how much of each macronutrient to eat in a keto diet based on your specific body composition and lifestyle.

You’ll have a rough estimate of how many grams of fat, protein and carbs your keto diet meal for weight loss need to cover over the course of one day. This will make it easier to plan your keto meals plan. Today’s guide keeps your daily calories topped at 1,900. But if you learn your macros are different, check out our keto menu plan for staying under 1,600 daily calories.

  1. Plan Your Keto Meals

Based on your daily macros, pick one day each week to sit down and plan out your keto diet meal for the weight loss for the next seven days. It’s a chore worth doing once instead of thinking about what to eat every single day. We have your first week on a keto diet for weight loss covered today, but after that, you’ll want to check our new keto recipes and add them to your repertoire so you’re never bored.

All the keto recipes we share list the macro breakdown so you don’t have to calculate anything complicated. If you stumble upon a keto recipe without a macro count, just enter the ingredients into a diet app like Senza or MyFitnessPal and you’ll have the macros and calorie count totalled for you.

  1. Start Cooking Your Keto Meal

You have your keto diet meals planned. You have your ingredients. Now you’ll need to decide if you want to prep and cook most of your keto diet meals on your day off and store them for easy grab ‘n go during your hectic work week, or prepare each keto diet meal the day you plan to eat it.

So let’s check out a sample 7-day keto diet menu plan now.

Sample 7-Day Keto Menu Plan Under 1,900 Calories

We’ve got you covered for seven days of keto diet meal planning so you’ll have inspiration come to breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert time.

The example macros are set for a single person who is eating:

  • 1,900 calories per day
  • 96 grams of protein
  • 25 grams or less of carbs
  • Around 160 grams of fat

Your macros may be a bit different so feel free to mix and match keto diet meals from different days to fit yours.

While you don’t have to hit these numbers exactly every day of your keto diet, you should try really hard to get close to your limit carb intake (think: less than 5g deviation), otherwise, you can get kicked out of ketosis. Going over your fat macro (within reason) will not kick you out of ketosis but it will make it harder to lose a lot of weight fast.

You don’t have to worry about eating too much protein in the keto diet. It’s a myth that protein kicks you out of ketosis. Eat as much protein as you desire with your keto diet. You’ll find a bit of wiggle room in our 7-day keto diet menu plan to give you the ability to customize your day without going over your macros. Using our healthy keto snack list and paying attention to how your body feels when you have more/less of each macro will help you adjust accordingly.

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